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* These resources are fantastic! Thanks for letting me use several of your texts in my courses on doctoral-level statistics
* An exceptionally well-known site covering everything in statistical analysis. Thank you from my heart.
* I have previously used your materials.  Extremely helpful resource with clear and very helpful materials. Thanks.
* A colleague where I teach statistics at Beijing Normal University recommended you book on logistic regression. They told me yours is an excellent website.
* I was referred to this website by the Statistical Consulting center at my university.
* Fabulous, this is life saving! (or at least student-saving!)
* I heard about this page in a workshop at the University of Havana.
* Was referred to this site by one of my statistics professors.
* Thanks for your sharing.
* Referred by another faculty member who gave very positive feedback
* I have been using your Multi-level Modeling book recently for some RA work with Branda and it's been invaluable.
* You provide an invaluable resource!
* I have had very positive feedback about your books.
* Your website was recommended by our Unit coordinator as a useful resource in my Master of Clinical Research Methods degree.
* Your Delphi Method book is probably the one of only two books available!
* Thanks for all you do!
* "Your ""Multiple Regression"" book is easy to read and gives me a lot of important suggestions. Examples are very useful for me to
* understand analyses."
* I used your previous site a lot; great summaries.
* The statistical consultant at my university made me aware of your online stats resources. Thank you.
* I really like the way you describe the different procedures in a straight-forward way AND add the programming in SPSS. A colleague of mine had referred me to your publications and so far, out of a multitude of more advanced statistics books I have read, these are the most hands-on, no-frills, detailed books. I will definitely recommend them.
* I heard about you from my friend from university. He said your books are great.
* Very positive feedback from my colleague.
* My stats professor recommended one of your textbooks for our class.
* Book is recommended reading for my Quant 3 methods class
* My mentor suggested your “Generalized GZLM/GEE” book.
* The notes available on this website are excellent
* Your web page was very helpful.
* Really useful resources, I was introduced to them by my PhD supervisor. Really improved my
* comments These books are very useful for me!
* Your GZLM/GEE book  will help me greatly with my clinical trial data analysis I am currently doing. 
* Saw online, heard books were great.
* Superb resource
* I heard of the site through Princeton University, and am quite impressed with the facilitation provided herein.
* The Statistical Consulting Center from my university recommended these books.
* I will be sharing the link of your page with my contacts, due to the excellent quality of the material that is available there. Congratulations and thank you for producing the materials.
* Excellent!!!!
* You have taught me statistics in such a clear manner, I am grateful to you for your help.
* My colleagues recommend your website to acquire some material for case study research.
* I am reading your book on Narrative Policy Framework now and really enjoying it.
* It's always a pleasure to be receiving these 'treasures.' My review of your previous books has always been that they are in depth and comprehensive, which I like! Your books on mediation and moderation as well as logit are handy references that I always go back to.
* My colleague recommended your books, which are definitely very useful.
* Thanks for all your help, and the wonderful resources you provide.
* My advisor at the University of Georgia said your book presents a comprehensive knowledge about factor analysis in an easy to understand manner.
* I found items on your site have been extremely useful, thanks.
* I use your work as I help students in our DBA Program (I am the Program Director).  It is a great product. I'd would like to talk to you about incorporating some of your book series in new courses I am designing in our Program.
* Viewed a copy of one of the books, impressed and wanted my own copy
* Will be requiring your SEM text for my UG Multivariate Stats seminar. Your books are fantastic, great resource!
* My university biostatistician highly recommended your books.
* Thank you for this great website! I heard about it from the statistical consultant at our University library.
* Heard of you from a citation in my textbook.
* The  MIT website for “Statistics for Research Projects” linked to your book on logistic regression.
* I really enjoy your booklets. They help me personally in my research and I've used them as resources in teaching multivariate data analysis for business graduate students.
* I found your sample book about Little´s mcar test very useful, with step by step analysis.
* I have bought previous books, and found them very useful.
* title3: Probit Regression & Response Models
* Your “Factor Analysis” book was recommended through my graduate professor of multivariate statistics.
* Excellent comprehensive series of statistics e-books
* Your "Missing Values and Data Imputation": book has already helped me a lot in dealing with my missing data has helped me a lot with my missing values my research,
* Your works have really helped me to understand the details of particular methods!
* I've purchased your books previously and found these really helpful.
* Referred to you by a lecturer for help.
* Thank you for this service
* Thanks for making available all this information so helpful for us graduate students struggling with these topics!
* Thank you SO much, these books are incredibly helpful!!
* Our stats prof at Goldsmiths, University of London, recommended your books.
* I saw very positive comments on the Internet.
* Your book is cited in my textbook on "Health Program Planning and Evaluation".
* Your books are very useful for readers.
* conments: Thank you so much. Your GLM Multivariate book has helped me so much with my Ph.d. dissertation.
* Your book Multiple Regression has been of great help.
* Excellent series. Have previously bought books related to course content. Thanks for such good work.
* Nice ebooks
* Wow!   That site is quite useful!  Thanks for the good info!  Joe
* I love the way David Garson presents - its simplicity and clarity.  Thank you very much! Highly appreciated. I have communicated to our PhD students taking our advanced statistical course and will communicate to all PhD and Masters of Public Health students taking the basic statistical course. The link is included in the list of best sites in our course website.
* Thank you kindly for providing such high quality material free of charge.
* Your Structural Equation Modeling book was recommended by my Statistics professor.
* I heard many positive things from for you from my colleagues
* The statistical consulting center at  The University of Texas at Austin referred me to you.
* A fellow graduate student recommended this as a resource when I was working on Log Linear for my master's degree.
* Highly recommended by our Prof of Big Data and Analytics.
* Thank you for your effort!
* I am using several of the titles in graduate courses that I teach....
* In my lectures - great feedback!
* You've sent me a copy of the book on validity and reliability and I've found it VERY helpful.
* Recommended by lecturer, for our MSc stats course. Seems a wonderful and helpful service!
* Great books!
* I was referred to you by my professor in my Intermediate Statistics Class.
* I read about you in an educational paper from the University of Gothenburg Sweden.
* Recommended readings from my professor
* Recommended at the Army Command and General Staff College
* Thank you very much. They are great sources.
* Statistics consultant at Flinders University, South Australia firs introduced me to your excellent e-books.
* These are the best references in the Statistics field. Congratulations.
* My dissertation chair/ statistics professor recommended your Delphi book.
* Your books were assigned in my Drexel University Intermediate Statistics class.
* I like your books a lot - they are very practical and useful.
* I found your books on my Kindle and I absolutely LOVE them!! They're fantastic! It feels like Christmas morning and I keep skipping around from book to book. Thank you so much for writing them and making them available! I am a psychologist in charge of treatment outcome metrics for behavioral health for the Army and your books are helping me do things the right way.
* I have been using your books for many years.
* I am a student at the Command & General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS. My instructor said this website would help me gain access to materials useful for my master's thesis.
* I was actually recommended this book by my Psychometrics professor.  I'll be using this book to validate a scale for my dissertation and she said it was THE book to get.
* I heard about your books from my supervisor and my friends, who used them -  they really appreciated.
* Thank you for your helpful texts.
* This material is wonderful!
* Yours is a good reference to learn the foundational issues for SEM.
* I heard about your great publications from my major professor.
* I have used your books before and I find them very easy to follow. thanks for making them available
* Dr. Garson's are very informative and interesting to me and my students.
* I heard about you through the SmartPLS team, where you guys provide a great platform of knowledge for researchers.
* Your books are so brilliant!
* I heard about your team and your remarkable works from my tutor, Dr. Tetsuro Kobayashi.
* Your books are all very good. Thank you so much.
* On the internet; comments about you were very positive.
* I have used previous versions of your books and recommended them to my students….Most statistics texts are not suitable for students who really don't need to learn all of the details of all of the methods they encounter. Resources as good as yours are actually few and far between.
* Your "Cluster Analysis" book was referenced in Doey and Kurta 2011, Tutorials in Quantitative Methods for Psychology.  Vol. 7(1), p. 5-14.
* I had gained much insight and deep information with your website as I was pursuing  my Ph.D at Virginia Commonwealth University. Thank you very much Dr. Garson.
* Your generalized regression book was recommended by my University of Miami faculty member:.
* I have been referred to your books by a colleague and find your books extremely useful. Thank you!
* I saw the link to you from one of the members on Researchgate
* Your books have rich and structured content.
* I have read some of your books. I think they are great. I am recommending them.
* The publications are very useful and good, 
* I heard about your books from my stats professor.
* Thank you for sharing your knowledge for free, it's a rare blessing when doing research.
* My advisor told me to look for Dr. Garson's book on Partial Least Squares: Regression & Structural Equation  Modeling
* Your multilevel book was cited by paper (Duricki;Soleman;Moon, 2016)
* A faculty colleague recommended your mediation and moderation book.
* Thanks a million for this kind gesture.


* The reputation of your books to guide the statistical procedure process is stellar!
* Your Blue Book on SEM is proving to be a lifesaver for me!
* Your GZLM/GEE book really helps me with my PhD work.  Thanks!
* A colleague used your structural equation modeling book and highly recommended it to me.
* Very well written and useful resources. Many thanks for providing this excellent service.
* My doctoral committee recommended your “Structural Equation Modeling” book.
* My colleague speaks of your work highly. 
* Your resources are fantastic. 
* Heard lots of great things about your books from my professor.
* I would like to thank you very much for the valuable service, your great effort, and the excellent clear comprehensive content of the different textbooks. I really hope that this valuable service, that enriches the research process and the research community, never ends.
* Absolutely useful website.
* Princeton Stata training recommended your “Factor Analysis” book.
* I was struggling with multi-group analysis and your "Structural Equation Modeling" book is great help.
* Love your documents and I recommend them to my students.
* Your books are life-savers! Thank you for all that you do!
* Your book on “Cox Regression” was referenced from an SPSS help page.
* Heard about your great website from a quantitative professor at George Mason
* I received a wonderful recommendation about this website from an Advanced  Analytics professional on Linked In.
* A teacher of quantitative research recommended to me your Webpage. I´m very grateful for your service, since this material is really difficult to find at my country (Venezuela).
* Thank for writing the e-Book on Partial Least Squares. It is a wonderful resource.
* Thanks for sharing these marvelous resources!
* I would like to thank you very much for the valuable service that enriches the research process and the research community.
* Graduate students in my department here at Purdue University are using your ebooks and find them very useful.
* I heard about your  “Factor Analysis”  book from my instructor at Carnegie Mellon.
* My professor at Ohio State University recommends your “Multiple Regression” and “Factor Analysis” books.
* I find your explanations and format extremely helpful when teaching various topics.
* Your PLS manual is WONDERFUL!
* I love this website, refer to it often.
* I have downloaded several of your excellent e-books and spread the word around at my university.
* When I was a Professor in Sweden, I used one of you early books on research methods in my doctoral course on quantitative research methods.  Therefore, in my current course preparation, I immediately recognized your name on the internet and knew immediately that your books are very good.
* I have consulted the resources on your webpage for several years.  One of the best resources for statistics and research methods.
* Your ebooks have become invaluable resources to me throughout my dissertation process.
* Excellent for faculty.
* This is an outstanding reference for my students who are interested in learning more about logit models, and without the risk of misinterpreting the output. 
* Thank you for your generosity. I must say that this is an excellent resource and that fact that you made it freely available to all interested is so kind of you.
* Thanks, Dave, for your good work and good heart.
* This is such a great site!!! Such great information - I will definitely use this to study for my comps! Thank you so much!
* Your ebooks were recommended by the institute where I am pursuing advanced program on Analytics.   
* Thanks for providing an awesome service!
* I have used your work whenever I needed an example on how to use statistical methods using SPSS software. I find your ebooks very helpful and enlightening every time I need to resolve any doubts about assumptions and procedures in the use of statistical methods. For that I can only thank Dr. Garson for producing and sharing his excellent work.
* The website's content is profuse and well suited for teaching and research  purposes.
* I am very impressed by the sheer variety of titles and breadth of Dr. Garson's work.
* Excellent books!
* I saw your blue book about statistical assumptions and was very impressed!
* My statistics department highly recommended this set of books to learn about Event History Analysis, specifically to test for proportionality assumption in Cox Regression. Thank you, very much, for putting this documentation/info out there. I highly appreciate it!!!
* My honours supervisor recommended your work.
* Thank you, this is a  very important website for me.
* Your factor analysis book was recommended by my stats professor.
* These books are great!
* It is so amazing that you offer these books for free! Thank you so much!!!
* I really appreciate your kind gesture for granting me full access to two of your priceless ebooks.
* Your books were highly recommended by tbe statistical consulting service here at the University of Texas – Austin.
* Thanks so much for the logistic regression book.   Amazingly comprehensive and complete with examples and walk-throughs.
* Your books are easy to follow yet very comprehensive.
* Our  statistics department referred me to you when I asked for a good reference to have for factor analysis and multiple regression.
* I have always referred and cited often your works in my papers and in my teaching. Thanks so much for your body of work!
* I heard about you on IPSA-METU summer school in research methods web site,
You are linked from my professor’s  website.
* I LOVE YOU!  :)
* I have your Significance Tests book from a while ago.  I just re-read it to refresh my understanding.  It is one of the only explanations that actually makes sense to me
* Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. Highly appreciated
* Even the preview of the book "Missing Values" has already helped me a lot, thanks!
* I bought your "Generalized Linear Models" book, which is excellent.
* Your “Discriminant Analysis” book was recommended in my textbook.   
* My professor recommended your “Missing Values” book to me.
* I recommended your "Generalized Linear Modeling" book to several students because it has the information you need to know, and just the information you need to know.  It really helped me out
* Heard from classroom professor with positive ratings as one of the finest books on testing the assumptions of statistical models.
* I had been following your work for years and am now doing more advanced models. When looking up information your name  comes up as an excellent reference.  
* Your book on ""Measures of  Association” I could find with a consistent interpretation of Somer’s D….The gibberish I was reading here and there had stalled my progress. Now I can continue with confidence that I have understood the meaning of this statistic.
* My statistics professor recommended your “Structural Equation Modeling” book. 
* My statistics professor recommended your "Longitudinal Analyis" and "Cox Regression" books.
* My lecturer in a course on multiple imputation at Cambridge University recommended your web page.
* Your “Ethnographic Research” was recommended by a lecturer in Anthropology at James Cook University, Australia.
* I trust your content.
* I heard about your GZLM book from one of my PhD students.  There is virtually nothing in standard stats text books.
* Wow!
* Thank you for your valuable works. I have been following you since 2008. I have recommended you to my colleagues.
* Thank you for your wonderful statistics books.
* I've known about you since I was a grad student all those years ago. Thank you for all the help you've given through your books.
* Your work was recommended by Rex Kline in Principles and Practice of Structural Equation Modeling.
* Thanks for providing such a great resource.
* My lecturer mentioned you and strongly recommended your books during one of his lectures on factor analysis.
* My lecturer of my advanced statistics course at the University of London strongly and warmly recommended your books.
* From Amazon. I have already bought the other two Kindle books: Validity, Scales. They are great! Thanks!
* The  Data Services department at my university recommended your resources to help me understand how to conduct path analysis.
* Your work has been the quickest and best written site to learn/relearn anything statistical.
* Keep up the great work and generosity!
* I'm a fan of several years' standing--always turn to your resources when I'm faced with new statistical procedures. I appreciate the step-by-step approach and the clarity of the explanations.  I couldn't have gotten through my dissertation without you! 
* Searching in the internet, your site was the only one to clearly explain  what I needed to know.
* I previously obtained Cox Regression and can't live without it.
* Dr. Garson's wonderful texts are well-known in academic circles.


* I think this is a fantastic site. Thank you for putting this altogether and maintaining it., Penn State University
* I think your books are fabulous! I recommend your website to my students all the time., University of Edinburgh
* Your books help me a lot! ., University of Amsterdam
* I heard about these texts from colleagues at the university; they were very positive., Erasmus University Rotterdam  University
* My professor highly recommended your "Multiple Regression" book., Georgia State University
* Excellent texts, clarity and examples on multiple statistical platforms make them a gem., New York University
* I have always found your books very helpful as I do research projects and always benefit from a ready and reliable reference., University of Michigan
* My instructor at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, recommended your books., Rutgers University
* I already have the Cox regression book.  I treasure it!  These are all brilliant texts., University of Sydney
* I just love your titles. They are highly understandable and really easy to read. You are the star in the statistical sky :-), Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
* I have found your content very clear, comprehensive and  , United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
* Excellent text books. Great providing clarity and examples, New York University
* I found your website because the Kline SEM book directs readers to your site.  You provide an extraordinary resource!, University of Kansas
* I love these books, very practical and easy to understand.  , Ho Chi Minh City Open University
* Your books have been essential to the building of my education., Simon Fraser University
* Your material is very useful for my work., Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste S.C.
* I heard about your site from my doctoral level educational research methods professor at the University of Connecticut . I am so grateful  for this resource., University of Connecticut
* I read "General Linear Model" and was very impressed., University of California - Santa Barbara
* Your work received positive recommendation from my Statistics Professor  at the University of South Carolina., University of South Carolina
* I used this excellent material during my Master Thesis and now I'd like to review some methods for my PhD., University of Bern
* Your "Explaining Human Behavior" was recommended by my professor., University of North Carolina -  Chapel hill
* I am thankful to SA publishers. I have read and referred to your books to understand the concepts better and they are really helpful. They are a great compilation., Indian Institute of Management  
* Your positive and helpful tips guide me through my PhD program.', Walden University
* My dissertation supervisor recommended your book., University of Edinburgh
* I love your books.  , University of Calabar, Nigeria
* Your "Research Design" book is required reading for the graduate  course I am taking., Eastern Connecticut State University
* I am very impressed with what is available on this website. , University of Sheffield
* Your books help me a lot! ., University of Amsterdam
* Your  books are a real treasure for teaching advanced statistics and data analysis., Middle Tennessee State University
* I wish I had known about your book series sooner in my PhD program!, Charles Sturt Universtiy
* Thank you for providing a great resource.  , National Institute of Education
* I love the ability to get these texts at a lower cost! Thank you!, Texas Tech
* I cited your work in a presentation., Georgetown College
* Thank you for your outstanding statistics guides., University of Cyprus
* Great content!, University of Cincinnati
* Your books are just great! Complex but simple to understand and very, very useful :-), Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care, Constantine the Philosopher University  
* As a doctoral student I found your SEM book very helpful., University of South Africa
* I have been helped many times by your excellent books. Thank you so much! :), University of Tartu
* Great books. Very lucid, useful with practical examples in multiple software platforms, NYU School of Medicine
* Great site, University of Port Harcourt
* Thank you so much for sending the codes for those two books through, it is a huge help! Both are very clear and easy to understand - I shall certainly be promoting your publications to my colleagues., New York University  
* My professor recommended your "Logistic Regression" book., University of Ljubljana
* A professor on my dissertation committee recommended the texts!, Boston University
* I appreciate the service you provide., Regent University
* What an excellent site!, University of Bedfordshire
* WOW!  Tremendous effort and extremely value-added for doctoral candidates., Northcentral University
* I have been using Professor Garson's texts for the last 10 years., Universite de Montreal
* Everybody knows about David Garson's series.  I am interested in using the library for my grad courses., Liberty University
* Thank-you so much, your ebooks are very helpful., University of Alberta
* Yours is a good website to learn statistical analysis., Zhejiang University
* You have developed a unique way to teach statistics. Thanks!, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
* My statistics professor suggested reading your "Longitudinal Analysis" book., Loyola University
* Your GLM Multivariate and GZLM books were recommended in my university Stats workshop., Flinders University
* Your "Factor Analysis" book was referenced in a paper I was reading in preparation for a lecture., University of Northampton
* Your books are quite informative, easy to understand., University of Nairobi
* I heard about you through a friend and colleague.  He said this is how he finally understood statistics, Walden University
* I have heard just good things about your books in my PhD at Virginia Tech.,
* My statistics mentor at the university told me about your books, and I've used them ever since., University of Maryland
* Your "Structural Equation Modeling" title is a fantastic book! The book clearly explains and made SEM easier to understand for me., University of Education
* Excellent and very helpfu books, Universidad de Lima
* Your book about logistic regression was well explained., Université Libre de Bruxelles
* My statistics lecturer recommended the site, University of Eastern Finland
* I have only heard good things about your books from a lecturer within the university., University College Cork
* I have been following your web page since 2007. Many thanks for your great books., United Arab Emirates University
* I have used your titles in the past and found them to be the best explanations available., Middle Tennessee State University
* I have used your text before and it was excellent! I really enjoyed your writing and how you described the techniques. I would like to use to use your materials for my dissertation. Thank you in advance for your help and making my life so much better, University of Maryland - Baltimore County
* Statisticians at my college recommended your 'Path Analysis' book., West Virginia University
* My textbook referenced your "Research Design" book., University of Canterbury
* I have used your excellent material in my Masters Thesis., University of Bern
* Your website was recommended to me by a professor., Ohio State University
* Contents have been very very helpful. This is a very wonderful and very commendable selfless public service by you, University of Nigeria - Nsukka
* I've used your work when I was a student while learning statistics. Now I teach statistics and I still like to take a look at the files to help me plan my courses. The content is extremely well organized and the info is presented in a terminology that is understandable., University of Bucharest
* Thanks a lot, it's great to know that there are still people that value free distribution of, University of Zagreb
* Great website, really helps my research., Maastricht University
* What a amazing resource!, University of Houston
* Your works are very helpful to me. Thank you., SPSS South Asia
* Our professor provided a link to your books., Kent State University
* Four of your books are mandatory literature at a course at the University of Twente.
* A great work, it is a very useful service to the researchers worldwide., Population Research Centre
* "I heard about your ""Structural Equation Modeling"" book from the Stats department at the University of Texas - Austin", University of Texas at Austin
* "Your ""GLM Multivariate"" book has been extremely useful. Congratulations.", Universitat Pompeu Fabra
* I know about you from an academic colleague who praised you., Czech Academy of Sciences
* Our professor at OSU recommended the books for graduate level students., Ohio State University
* A workshop with Kenneth Bollen recommended your "Structural Equation Modeling" book., Linköping University
* Been reading your books for years - This material is very valuable. Hence, I have recommended it in my teaching material., Helsinki University
* Rex Kline's textbook recommended your Structural Equation Modeling book., University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA)
* I heard about Statistical Associates from an online lecture I downloaded  from Princeton University., Australian National University
* I have been a fan of your site for many years!, University of Pennsylvania
* I want to say that your  WLS book was helpful and that I'm grateful that you provide such cool material.  It was by far the best source I've found to deal with my problem., Saarland University
* You were recommended by faculty colleagues., University of Vienna
* I heard about your regression books from our statistics tutor., Goldsmiths, University of London
* I appreciate your initiative to help the scholars with free textbooks. Because knowledge sharing is the key activity which ensures its growth and development both individually and society as a whole. I wish and thank the whole team behind this act. Thank , Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India
* What a great service! Thank you so much., University of Connecticut 
* G. David Garson clearly is one of the best writers for applied statistics in my eyes., Giessen University

Great resources. Thanks for making them available! - Harvard  University
I've  heard really good things about your organization through the Office of Methodological and Data Services. - Duke University 
Thanks for such a great resource! - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Wow, these books are awesome! - Veterans Administration
Thank you for these great resources! - Merit Systems Protection Board.
My consumer behavior class professor recommended that we read your "Focus Group Research". - Iowa State University
Your books were recommended in an HLM course taught at the University of Minnesota, Educational Psychology department. - University of Minnesota
I found you through a website about statistics  at Princeton University. - University of Massachusetts - Boston
Thank you very much for making this information available. - University of Rhode Island
A link to your website was included on a Stata tutorial on the Stata website. - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
The  SEM ebook is really brilliant. - Bournemouth University
A colleague.referred me to your site. - University of Illinois at Chicago
Thank you so much for making these materials available to us Africa. - University of Cape Coast
Long-time …thank you for your contributions and hard work. - Case Western Reserve University
I wanted to cite your work on "Logistic Regression" and recommend it to the readers of my textbook.   - University of Utah  
I came to know about you in a Linkedin discussion thread. The selection of titles is quite exhaustive! - Asian Development Bank
You're the best! - University of South Florida
Your materials have always been full of great info! So, thank you. - University of Washington
Thank you for all the wonderful content! - San Diego State University
Your books, Dr. Garson, have been essential to my progress. - Southern Illinois University
My mentor raves about your site! - Capella University
You have given great advice on the web - Metropolitan State University of Denver
Thanks very much for a very helpful resource. Much appreciated. - University of Massachusetts- Boston
This website was highly recommended by my university to assist in producing my dissertation. - University of the Rockies
These books are amazing - Middle Tennessee State University
Thank you for making this book available.  It is great, and covers a lot of basics that don't appear in many books on Sampling.  I plan to use it as a "first book" for students in a new course on Sampling offered this fall. - Fordham University
I have been a big fan of your website for many years, and learned a tremendous amount from it. I also routinely refer others to it when they approached me for statistics advice, as a way to help them help themselves. - Kennesaw State University
Our head faculty member recommended that her students consult your text to strengthen their skills in research and evaluation . - Walden University
I appreciate the work you are doing. I find the books written in a very concise, accessible way. - National Health Service
Thank you so much for making your materials available - University of North Texas
Thanks for this great service you provide - I heard about the website from our University Statistician - he is a big fan. - Flinders University
Thank you for making this resource available. - Northern Arizona University
Thank you so much for making superb materials available to students. - University of Tennessee
This is an amazing service!  - Boston University
Greatly appreciate the great service! - Virginia Tech
Thank you for offering this kind of good resource - University of Florida
These texts are required for a sociology course on statistical reasoning for my  university. - George Mason University
My professor suggested our Multivariate class should review your e-books.   - Middle Tennessee State University
Thanks for the help in my becoming a researcher! - University of Georgia
Hierarchical Linear Modeling was an amazing book, simple language with great examples in the use of software. - University of Denver
Thanks! I found "Reliability and Validity" very helpful. - Tufts University
Thanks for sharing these wonderful materials! - George Mason University
Thank you for all of your stat resources, they are a lifesaver!  - California State University - Chico
I have found your work to be invaluable in my research and in my teaching. editorial_board: Yes - University at Buffalo
Thank you for making these available! - Northcentral University
I heard about this website from our statistics professor. - Walden University
Thank you for your great contribution in statistics. - South China Normal University
Thank you for this tremendous effort! - Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion
Your great e-books are a valuable aid in my dissertation. - University of Piraeus
Your website was highly recommended to me by a professor I am conducting research with. - University of Alberta
I want to share your well-constructed e-books with my Master's students. - Lithuanian Sports University
This website was recommended to me by my statistics tutor. - Goldsmiths
Thanks so much for this resource. - Hofstra University
Thank you! I am so excited to find this resource! - University of Manitoba
Thank you for this wonderful website!  - Radboud University Medical Center
These resources were highly recommended by one of my professors. Thanks for offering them!   - University of Alberta
Your GLM multivariate book is a great resource, thank you. - University of Johannesburg
I am an Honours student, and heard about you from my research supervisor. - Australian National University
I have used your work in the Advanced Statistics and Research Methods course I teach, for several years. - Saint Joseph's University
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us. - Central University of Gujarat
Thank you for this great resource! - University of Connecticut
Thanks! Great tutorials! - Haifa University
I'm a huge fan of your work...a colossal enterprise. Kudos ! - Universite de Sherbrooke
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