Garson, G. D. (2012). Creating simulated data. Asheboro, NC: Statistical Associates Publishers.

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The SPSS syntax below creates a simulated dataset with 100 variables and 1,000 cases. The simulated dataset is then used in an ordinary linear regression, using var100 as the dependent variable and the other 00 as predictors. This dependent variable is assigned a value of 1 for the first 500 cases and a value of 0 for the last 500 cases, as determined by loop #1. Independent variables vary from .00 to 999.00, as determined by the compute statement. The program creates a random value dataset in the SPSS data editor as shown below.

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Table of Contents
Overview	4
Random numbers in SPSS	4
The SPSS random number generator	4
Available distributions	5
Creating lists of random numbers in SPSS	7
Simulation of Regression with Random Values	9
Syntax	10
Dataset created in the SPSS data editor	10
Output from a sample regression run, significant variables highlighted	11
Frequently Asked Questions	11
Can I generate cumulative, inverse, and other functions of distributions as well as random variates?	11
How can I generate an ID variable?	12
Bibliography	13