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Cooper, Jonathon A. & Garson, G. D. (2016). Power Analysis. Asheboro, NC: Statistical Associates Publishers.

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About the author
Table of Contents
ISBN: 978-1-62638-041-7
ASIN number (e-book counterpart to ISBN): ASIN: B0093GKU0M
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An introductory graduate-level introduction and tutorial on power analysis in social science and in general research.

Why we think it's important: While significance is widely taught, power analysis is not, though equally important.

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Below is the unformatted table of contents.

Table of Contents

Introduction	4
Data Used in this Volume	6
Part 1: Overview of Basic Concepts	7
Purpose	7
Factors affecting power	10
Desired power level	10
Desired significance level	10
Desired effect size	12
Variance or variation of the dependent variable	14
Sample size	15
Random sampling	15
Summary	16
Post hoc power estimation	16
Use of confidence intervals instead of post-hoc power analysis	17
Acceptable use of post-hoc power analysis	17
Part 2: Software Applications	18
Power analysis for t-tests	19
Power analysis for multiple regression	24
Stata	27
Power analysis for t tests with Stata	31
Power analysis for multiple regression with Stata	37
SAS	40
Power analysis for t tests with SAS	40
Power analysis for multiple regression with SAS	44
G*Power	46
Overview	46
Power analysis for t tests with G*Power	48
Power analysis for multiple regression with G*Power	53
Other Software Applications for Power Analysis	57
PS	57
Russ Lenth's Java Applets for Power Analysis and Sample Size	59
DSS Researcher's Toolkit	61
Raosoft Sample Size Calculator	62
Daniel Soper's Statistical Calculator	63
Optimal Design	65
Other Options	66
Appendix: Precision Analysis	67
Bibliography	70
Pagecount:	71