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Cooper, Jonathon A. (2015). Introduction to Data Management. Asheboro, NC: Statistical Associates Publishers.

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About the author: Jonathon A. Cooper is assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he also directs the Criminology Advising Center.

Table of Contents
ISBN-10: 1626380376
ISBN-13: 978-1-62638-037-0

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A brief graduate-level introduction to data management with Excel, SPSS, Stata, and SAS

This new edition features sections on ...

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Below is the unformatted table of contents.

Introduction	5
About the Datasets	7
For SPSS	7
For Stata	7
For SAS	7
For Excel	7
Basic "Rules" of Data Management	8
Overview	8
Finding "Clerical Errors" - and Correcting Them	10
Overview	15
Data types in SPSS	16
Working with Variables	17
Transforming Variables	22
Selecting Observations	26
Changing the Structure of Your Data in SPSS	28
Merging and appending	36
Stata	39
Overview	39
Data types in Stata	42
Working with Variables	49
Transforming Variables	60
Selecting Observations	62
Changing the Structure of Your Data in Stata	64
Merging and appending data	72
SAS	77
Overview	77
Working with Variables	79
Using the do command	85
Transforming Variables	91
Selecting Observations	95
Changing the Structure of Your Data in SAS	98
Merging and appending data	106
Excel	111
Freezing Panes	111
Sorting Columns	114
Cut/Copy-and-Paste options	115
Working with Cell Values	116
Working with Formulas	118
The Data Analysis Tool	125
Overview	125
Descriptive statistics	127
Histograms	129
More on installing the Analysis tool	131
Graphs	132
Concluding remarks	136
Basic rules - redux	136
There's more	136
Other statistical software	137
Acknowledgments	138
Bibliography	139
Pagecount: 141